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Unless you’re looking for a photographer to take the Images for your website, Their online shop or your projects in the print sector created as high as possible, then you should consider the services that we at SAHU MEDIA ® offer you in the field of Product photography can offer, take a closer look.

Because in this area we can offer you a whole range of services and are guaranteed to present your products in the right light. Therefore, it can make sense for you to create Product photos to work with a professional photographer instead of taking your own product photos.

Finally, visitors to a website receive information about such Product photos Always a first impression of the one article and this should encourage an incentive to buy.

Product photographer for online shop

One of the most important tasks where our product photographer already has sufficient experience is the creation of Product photography for online shops. Because the product photographs for an online shop should always be one if possible high quality own, as is known from the field of commercial photography.

Because in one at the Creation of product photoFor an online shop, the most important thing is to promote the customer's incentive to buy with the most sophisticated images possible, so that the customer ultimately decides to buy the respective product.

And since the customer can only view the items in an online shop, in contrast to a shop, on pictures, they should always be photographed with the highest possible quality.

But there is ours Product photographer at SAHU MEDIA ® Already has many years of experience in creating product photos for online shops, he is able to create the photos of your website in high quality. Because with us the old saying still applies: "The customer is king!"

Product photos for jewelry

Especially if it is for Product photos for jewelry that is to be offered on a website on the Internet, it is extremely important that it works correctly on the pictures.

But especially that Photographing jewelry is usually a big challenge and places high demands on the photographer. It is therefore advantageous that the Product photographer from SAHU MEDIA ® already have sufficient experience in the field of Product photography of jewelry and is therefore able to stage jewelry of all kinds properly on the Internet.

In contrast to other products, pieces of jewelry place very special demands on a photographer, because among other things, one must also take the respective lighting conditions into account. But even for our product photographer Photography of jewelry not a challenge, since he knows exactly under which lighting conditions he can best take pictures of such products.

product photos jewelry

And therefore you should always rely on the support of our product photographer when creating such product photos of jewelry, in order to give your visitors significantly better pictures of their own Products in your shop to be able to show.

Photos for beauty products

Even the creation of Product photos for beauty products requires a lot of experience on the part of the photographer, because in order to optimally stage such a product you usually need multiple images per product. Because in addition to a photo on which the respective article is in the packaging, you also need a picture of the result after use to display beauty products.

And often amateur knowledge is not enough to make beauty products such as Example lipstickto capture as well as possible on a picture after use. However, it is extremely important for visitors to their own website to find the available beauty products in the form of high quality photos to be presented so that they ultimately decide to buy the items.

But with the help of the product photographer from SAHU MEDIA, you will no longer have to worry about taking such product photos in the future.

Product photos for accessories

Accessories of all kinds are also extremely popular online, and therefore they are always used Product photos from the shop operators needed. And these are always faced with the great challenge of having to bring your customers a little closer to the different accessories using the product photos on their own website.

After all, customers can only rate the accessories available on the web using the product photos and get an idea of them in order to ultimately make a purchase decision. Therefore, you should look for support in creating Product photos of the accessories on your website or in your online shop, whereby our product photographer from SAHU MEDIA is also always at your side.

product photos-accessories

Because we at SAHU MEDIA do everything to ensure that your website will definitely become well-known over time. For this reason, you can also rely on our product photographer to help you create Product photos of your accessories guaranteed not to disappoint.

And in the best of cases, you benefit from the work of our product photographer and even an increase in Sales figures Your articles that you offer to your own customers in your online shop.

Product photos for clothing

Clothing is also often bought in the online shops, although visitors to a website have the disadvantage that they cannot simply try on the available clothing. That is why it comes Product photos of clothes in online shops, too, as they are the only way to bring an item closer to customers.

Therefore, it is recommended to next Product photos of the respective garmentto also take pictures with this, on which models wear the respective clothes. Because this gives you a completely different impression of a piece of clothing than when you photograph it alone in front of an empty wall.

And luckily, our product photographer, who will create your pictures for you in the event of a collaboration, has one years of experience in the creation of product photos for clothes that are used in online shops and on other websites. So our product photographer knows exactly what is really important when creating such pictures and what you should pay attention to.

product photos catalog

Product photos for a catalog

Our product photographer not only creates the right images for every purpose for the web, but also for Print projectshow to create a catalog. Because you usually need a lot of Product photoswith which you can at least bring the items offered to your customers a little closer, so that they decide to buy.

After all, in a catalog or brochure you always only have the respective pictures, with the help of which you can take a look at the respective article, which is why this is one if possible high quality should have so that customers can decide to buy. And that is why clothing and other items in a catalog should always be presented in the most appealing way possible, in order to arouse and encourage customers to buy.

It is an advantage that our product photographer at SAHU MEDIA ® has been working in the field of product photography for many years and therefore about Expert knowledge that he has acquired over the years. And you can also benefit from this knowledge in the future if you decide to work with us as a product photographer.

Why are professional pictures important?

Professional images created by one professional product photographer usually have a much better image quality than photos taken by a hobby photographer. Among other things, this is due to the camera used by a product photographer to create his pictures and in most cases much more powerful than a conventional average camera.

And that too Equipment, which is available to our product photographer when creating pictures is much more extensive than the tools available to a hobby photographer when creating his pictures. And there the Product photos in online shops or catalogs are the only way for customers to take a closer look at the available articles if they are always created with the highest possible image quality.

This is the only way to increase customer interest in an article, which is why you too are interested in creating it professional pictures by the product photographer of SAHU MEDIA®.

What do product photos cost?

As for any other artistic activity, the photography of products always falls costs and therefore also for the services provided by the product photographer from SAHU MEDIA ®. After all, he also has to make a living from his work and therefore cannot offer his work for nothing.

Our product photographer calculates for you the creation of five product photos, against a predetermined background, only 65 euros, of which 30 euros are due for the establishment. Each of the five photos in the sequence costs you just 7 euros.

Product photos - price per picture

The price you pay for a product photo varies depending on the number of photos you can have taken by our product photographer. Because while you converted for creating five pictures 7 euros per product photo If you pay 20 pictures, the price per picture drops to only 5.50 euros per photo.

Therefore, you should rather have our product photographer take several photos in one session in order to save costs. After all, for every further creation, the Setup fee due in the amount of 65 euros.

Product photos - price per photo with additional services, such as clipping

If you not only want your product photos to be created by our product photographer, but also your pictures reworked or exempted then the price for this always depends on the amount of images and the requirements for cropping them.

product photos toy

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