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WooCommerce reminder and WooCommerce debt collection

With the use of WooCommerce reminder and WooCommerce debt collection you get a simple and at the same time practical tool with which you can easily manage and send payment reminders and reminders for your customers.

WooCommerce reminder manages and sends Payment reminders at the intervals you specify, fully automatically and documents all processes. WooCommerce debt collection is there to help you manage your collection procedures and Tesch Media Finanz to handle. If there are no payments in the long term, you can easily forward the collection procedure to Tesch Media Finanz in a simple manner, we will be happy to assist you.

The initiation of the collection process is free and smooth. Be surethat with WooCommerce reminder and WooCommerce debt collection you get an all-inclusive package at a fair price. Together with the plugin and Tesch Media Finanz we guarantee you the best possible processing of your payment reminders and reminders.


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WooCommerce payment reminder

WooCommerce reminder supports you effectively with the Payment reminders for your orders. In the event of a payment default or refusal to pay, up to three payment reminders can be sent to your customers by email.

The distances between the Payment reminders can of course be set up freely according to your individual ideas. A common model is, for example, the sending of Payment reminders every 7 days. We are happy to help you choose the intervals for payment reminders and advise you with our lengthy know-how.

So that you always have an overview of the Status of payment reminders keep, you can view the current status of payment reminders at any time and also sort.

status warning

The status changes depending on the number of payment reminders sent “First payment reminder” on “Second payment reminder” and finally on “Third payment reminder”.

With pleasure we configure you WooCommerce reminder exactly as you wish and would be happy to advise you on your questions.

Subsequent to the dispatch of all planned payment reminders, you can also add another Failure to pay a collection procedure using WooCommerce Collection be initiated. At this point, your collection process will be sent to Tesch Media
Finance forwarded and processed there.

WooCommerce debt collection

With WooCommerce debt collection you don’t have to worry about your collection procedures. With the plugin you can completely easy collection procedure at Tesch MediaFinanz initiate and then enjoy excellent service.

After the further absence of payment after the three payment reminders, which with WooCommerce reminder have been sent, a Collection proceedings initiated at Tesch Media Finanz become. Simply export a csv file, which you can upload to Tesch Media Finanz free of charge. Your collection procedure is then processed in the simplest way.

The status of the order changes 7 days after the third Payment reminder on “debt collection”, which enables an export of the csv file just mentioned. After exporting and uploading the file to Tesch Media Finanz, the status changes from "debt collection" to "at debt collection". So you always have an overview of your orders and your collection cases. Tesch Media Finanz always treats your data confidentially and processes it effectively and quickly.

Collection with Tesch Media Finanz

As an established and experienced Collection service provider is Tesch Media Finanz Your contact person when it comes to simple and fast handling of collection procedures. Because of the close Cooperation with WooCommerce Reminder and WooCommerce Collection With Tesch Media Finanz you are guaranteed to reach your destination.

Your debt collection process will using our WooCommerce reminder tool, or WooCommerce Collection, managed and forwarded to Tesch Media Finanz. Your collection process is in the best hands at Tesch Media Finanz and is carried out conscientiously in compliance with all legal framework conditions.

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At any time, you can be sure of a Orderly and legal process takes place and your data will of course be treated confidentially according to all data protection guidelines. Tesch Media Finanz receives your collection procedure completely free of charge and is your contact for all questions regarding the collection procedure. Tesch Media Finanz will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the collection process itself and all other topics, such as the process or the current status of processing, alternatively you can also contact us here.

Cost WooCommerce reminder

We hope that we have aroused your interest and look forward to your inquiry for WooCommerce reminder and WooCommerce debt collection.

We would be happy to create one for you individual offerwhich is best tailored to your wishes and needs. The costs are based on your requirements for WooCommerce reminders and WooCommerce debt collection. Please contact us either by phone or email, we will be happy to advise you.

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