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We from SAHU MEDIA® form a advertising agency, which services not only offers customers from the immediate vicinity, but also throughout Germany. Due to today's ways of easy communication over the Internet, we have decided to take this step and help customers from a wide variety of industries.

For us as an advertising agency, this naturally includes one detailed advice, you should still be unsure. Whether website, Search engine optimization for a certain keyword or building a diverse shop - we as advertising agency advise, plan and do our work in a routine and professional manner. We have offices in Berlin, Herten and Erkelenz, from where we mainly operate.

Our focus has always been on that Search engine optimization, as well as on the Web design. These two services can be perfectly combined and can be used immediately together. Due to the connection of the two services, if both come from our advertising agency, results can be achieved according to your ideas.

Our years of experience and the need for further development contribute to the fact that customers could previously count on a high level of satisfaction, which we as Advertising agency for Germany have been close to our hearts since our foundation.

Tasks, history & definition of the advertising agency

In the past, it was common for every company to cover all the necessary economic sectors themselves. Economic, strategic and resource-related reasons speak for outsourcing Advertising activities.

The company can then devote itself entirely to the actual object of the company. A target group-oriented strategy is developed based on the collected analysis data.

A customized campaign is created through the cooperation of different specialist areas of the service provider. A Full service advertising agency looks after the customer from analysis to development and planning to implementation and review of the result achieved.

That's why you choose an external agency partner

A successful campaign or strategy requires some specialist knowledge and, of course, a lot of effort. Important resources and time are lacking in other areas of the company. If this service is outsourced, experts take care of different things Advertising agencies in Germany more or less "around the clock" about this activity.

A huge advantage is the different perception of the company by the company and the agency. A certain distance from the company promotes the creativity! Larger service providers naturally have higher capacities. This noticeably eases the burden on companies.


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Relief for employees through advertising agencies in Germany

In the company itself, employees usually have to perform several tasks "simultaneously". By outsourcing, they can do more of their actual work. The Agency experts have exclusively with advertising to do. Advertising should not be a zero-fifteen product, but should clearly differentiate itself from the competition. This more than significantly increases the efficiency of the respective campaign or strategy.

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Loyalty is rewarded by advertising agencies

For regular customers there are of course some extra services, such as B. flyers for events, posters, a new one Corporate Design, Etc.

In the company itself, such things can usually not be done so quickly because they are time-consuming and there is also something else to do. In this case, the advertising agency is often more flexible and independent.

Large range of services

The entry projects for advertising agencies usually begin with an analysis of the current situation and the wishes of the customer. Part of this activity is specific market research in order to achieve an optimal result. This service is worth every additional cent. The added value is clearly noticeable through the use of professionals. In addition to the production of all kinds of advertising material, advertising appearances, advertising campaigns and strategies are of course also included Service portfolio any good agency.

Full service agency

What makes good advertising? The best commercials are those that stay in the memory quickly and for a long time. They have to be creative, appealing, funny and believable - and of course they have to address the desired target group. Outstanding specialists, well-founded know-how, some experience and creativity are the essential key features. Advertising must be visible! A good agency can both B2B and B2C. This means that in one case the target group consists of companies and in the other case consumers.

Social networks, Web & digital are becoming increasingly important today. The Internet is the largest advertising space in the world. The level of awareness and reach of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are unbeatable. If the campaign is professionally placed by professionals, the positive effect is guaranteed!

All of these services make a good professional Full service agency out.

Who doesn't digitize dies!

Specializations in advertising and marketing

There are now a large number of Marketing areas.
Today, a distinction is made primarily between the most important areas below:

  • Corporate identity - One brand, one appearance! - Trademark protection, trademark law, copyright
  • Analog (print) - Leaflets, portfolio, business cards, etc.
  • Digit (web & app) - The successful, informative website is becoming more and more important!
  • Social media - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Co. enable a "dreamlike" reach!
  • Building a classic advertising campaign - good, solid and tailor-made!
  • public relations - A good press presence should never be underestimated!
  • SEA such as Google Adwords - These are paid advertising measures within search engines.
    Search engine marketing (SEM) includes SEA (paid advertising campaigns via search engine) and SEO (optimized search engine).

Advertising agency web design prices

The Web design cost As with all other advertising agencies, we are made up of various components. So it is important that behind the scenes of our advertising agency is watched. In addition to the actual work on the website, which of course represents the largest part, we have to take care of the payment of hosting and domains, among other things.

If not available, texts must be written by our professionally working copywriters, as well as suitable images must be found. This is the only way we can advertising agency achieve a result that corresponds to your personal ideas. All of these things cost time and money, but we can still offer our work at a fair price. When making use of the order, it must also be borne in mind that not only one employee is responsible for completing your order, but several.

web design awards

Since they work in different areas, only the best comes together from all of these. Our goal as advertising agency is it that even small businesses are vivid Create website who can help increase sales and expand the customer base.

In general, websites should always be seen as a kind of employee, because they are available 24 hours a day and, in the best case, provide searchers with all the information they were looking for. Even bookings can be made very easily via the website if we have a corresponding form advertising agency is installed. At that time, this had to be done tediously in person or by phone, but today it is simply done online.

Sample web design cost

So that you get a feel for how expensive professional web design is with us, we have provided an example for you. We try that Web design prices to keep our services in this area as fair as possible. Of course, as an advertising agency, we have to generate a certain turnover so that we can continue to offer our services, but this never happens at the expense of customer satisfaction.

A frequently booked package in the area Web design is a multi-page, i.e. a website with several sub-pages. There is enough space for the information to be presented and visitors spend a long time there. In this of us as advertising agency The package offered also includes, if not previously available, professionally written texts that fill the entire website and do not make it look too empty. This contains all the information that is important for your customers.

Of course we strive as advertising agency here also about the orientation towards the individual target group. If there are no images besides texts, we will take care of them on request. Here we use as professional advertising agency of course only on high-resolution, high-quality images that meet your requirements. In addition, a data protection page and an imprint are included, so that you are legally on the safe side.

Of course, these two sides will also be adjusted depending on the customer. The total price for this package is included 690 euros, which is a fair offer in comparison in any case. Especially since we as an advertising agency not only offer the actual content, but also hosting and a domain, an update service and regular data backup.

Of course, our work is not done after the completion of the website and so we are available as a permanent contact person who will be happy to help with any questions. Hire us as competent advertising agency for your new website, because we will definitely not disappoint you.

Would you like to learn more about web design? - Then read our article ”What is web design?”Including a short explanatory video.

What does SEO cost at an advertising agency?

In the area SEO you can choose from three different packages. So that we can determine the perfect package for you, is of course also in the area SEO a consultation at which we determine goals together with you and clarify any questions that may arise. The cost of all of them is made up of many different factors.

For us, this includes professional advertising agency a keyword analysis, which is always carried out carefully so that the foundation stone is laid for a perfect plan. All packages also include one OnPage optimization, which includes the technical, content and structural adjustment of the entire website.

This represents a big step towards the first places on the search engine. As advertising agency with a lot of experience, we also offer one Local optimization, so that especially seekers from the area come across you. This can be an important step in getting more customers and more sales. Many of our SEO customers already appreciate this part in particular.

So that you can be sure that we as advertising agency If you really get results, you will receive a detailed monthly report. In this, important information is clearly listed, so that even customers without much knowledge of the Search engine optimization understand the progress made together. Furthermore, we are always available for our customers, so that a personal contact is available. In this way, problems or questions can be clarified afterwards and not only in advance.

example for SEO cost

advertising agency seo

A good Search engine optimization through us as advertising agency takes a relatively long time, depending on the industry, the effort varies considerably in some cases. The chosen keyword depends on this, because there are many competitors, so we have more work to do. This can happen especially in industries with many competitors. Despite this, of course we always do our best and have been able to give our previous customers a very long leap forward.

Due to our experience and the daily work for our customers, we are always up to date. Benefit from our skills and decide for us. You can find offers for contracts on our website. If you are unsure about this, you can contact us as Advertising agency you trust of course also contact by phone.

Advice is then given by our expertswho answer your questions personally. Pay with others Advertising agencies or service providers for unique SEO, it may be that this has no or only a diminishing benefit.

That is why we offer our Search engine optimization with different terms, because it is very likely that a real effect can be achieved. As advertising agency we are convinced that continuous work is very important in this area, since search engines change the factors from time to time. With long-term work by us as a professional advertising agency and therefore also a partner in this area, you can be sure that we will achieve success together with you.

SEO offer? Web design offer?

You need one Search engine optimization and want to be found faster with the most famous search engine in the world? Do you need a website that perfectly represents your company's services and is designed in matching colors? We as advertising agency take care of it!

With our years of experience and a high level of competence, we put every wish of our customers into practice. Whether website with text and images or without them, with many or few pages or around Search engine optimization related to a keyword that fits your industry - we are happy to help. As customer-oriented advertising agency we will of course answer all inquiries within a very short time, in most cases even on the same day.

Since our foundation, the full satisfaction of our customers has been our top priority. We can be reached by phone or simply using our contact form, so that you can ask us any questions or instruct us directly. As advertising agency we look forward to you and hope that we can also carry out your order according to the personal ideas involved. We put everything on it and do not want to disappoint you under any circumstances. If you are already a customer, we would of course be happy to receive suggestions for improving our services.

Would you like to learn more about search engine optimization? - Then read our article ”What is SEO?”Including a short explanatory video.

Areas of application for our advertising agency

Not sure yet or have questions to be answered? We are happy to help and hope that we can help. You can also find us in the following cities in Germany:

FAQ - questions and answers

Corporate Design (CD) means a common image for the entire company, the "handwriting" of the company, so to speak. The customer should be able to recognize the company immediately from the logo. The so-called uniform formal design guidelines should be transported both internally and externally. That includes the uniform logo, the font, the color concept and the selection of certain motifs, symbols and images.

It is important that the advertising of others stands out clearly. Creativity is therefore more in demand than ever. Storytelling is very much in demand, video productions also have a great effect! The best diversification and possibility to reach the target group are the Social media Channels.

Because of the quick and easy Online presentation More and more companies are using the social media platforms presence. This creates a flood of information and advertising. Here can Print remedy by individuality. Most companies take more time for paper mail, and this often happens during the coffee break - in a relaxed atmosphere. The reference to the online presence then tempts many consumers to find out more online.

Web design is the design of websites. The visual representation, the functionality as well as structural planning and implementation are in the foreground of the advertising agency. Visuality has top priority here. Consumers who search for products on the Internet are often influenced by the design of each Homepage "Addressed". If the customer is looking for a product, they take care of it SEO for finding the product too. The task of the company is to be found, the web design is, so to speak, a "tool" on the way there.
The Search engine optimization causes the range to be increased. There are many options here, such as: B. about keyword strategies.
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