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As Search engine optimization, also briefly SEO called, describes the process that makes a website appear higher up in the organic search results of the search engine. Organic results are those that are located under the advertisements.

The process of Search engine optimization, include different steps, which are completed within a certain time. It is important to work continuously. If you opt for a one-off Search engine optimization, hardly any effect will be achieved or it will fade within the next time.

Even the largest search engine in the world changes over time the criteria that make a website appear higher up in the results. Opt for one Search engine optimization, it is important that a contract is decided which entails a permanently positive evaluation of the website.

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Search engines - OnPage optimization

Basically, between one OnPage- and one Offpage optimization distinguished, yet both processes are important for professional search engine optimization. It goes without saying that our work covers both areas. As OnPage optimization all processes are described which take place on the website itself.

For example, this includes inserting high-quality and Search engine relevant texts, Changes in the code or a compression of the images on the page. There is a lot to consider here, so one Search engine optimization becomes successful. With us you do not have to worry, because as a competent partner we cover this area perfectly with our work.

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Meta title & meta description

Two of the main points of the Search engine optimization are still the Meta title as well as the Meta description. They are displayed on the search engine results pages and are thus the first point of contact for the searchers with the website. The meta title, as a ranking-relevant factor, should summarize the content of the website in a short and concise manner and should contain the main keyword or a combination of the main keywords.

Also a well chosen one Meta description can represent a decisive ranking factor, because even if Google no longer uses the keywords in the description as a ranking factor, it may still be an important decision criterion for the searcher. This in turn brings clicks and a good click rate is rewarded by the search engines! Therefore, the Meta description be as meaningful as possible.

Meta tags for SEO

Canonical day

That search engines - especially Google - have websites Duplicate content Punishing by a poorer ranking is no longer a secret. This can become a problem in particular if different views of a page are made available (print version, etc.) or if a page can be reached via several URLs.

Fortunately, thanks to that Canonical day a simple, reliable solution. In order to mark a page with double content, a simple link element marked with rel = ”canonical” is inserted in the header area of the source text, which links to the original page.

ALT attribute

The Alt attribute is used to describe content that cannot be represented by text, such as images or videos. For this purpose, a meaningful description identified by an alt tag is inserted within the corresponding HTML element.

This is particularly important for the usability of accessible websites and online shops. However, a filled alt attribute is also a not to be despised factor for search engines such as Google & Co. On the one hand, what can be seen in the pictures can be described to them, on the other hand, it is Accessibility websites are increasingly rewarded with a better ranking.


The sitemap is an HTML or XML file in which all URLs of the website are listed. Search engines use this file to see more quickly how the website data is structured. It plays for search engine optimization Sitemap an important role. Although the search engine crawlers normally find the sub-pages of their own accord, especially in the case of small to medium-sized websites, it is advantageous to create a sitemap for your own website, especially if the page has little or no internal link.

While the HTML sitemap is mostly used for user orientation, you can use the XML file other SEO-interesting factorssuch as relevance.

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Search engines - OffPage optimization

Behind the term Offpage optimization hide all measures that are not taken directly on the website. Here, too, a lot has to be taken into account so that effective results can be achieved.

So this includes, among other things Link building, which will be dealt with more clearly in the further course of the text. As your competent partner with many years of experience in this area, you can be sure that we will help you.

Search engine link building

A Link building consists of backlinks, i.e. links, which are placed on external pages. They are a heavily weighted ranking factor and that is why we do not neglect them. When setting backlinks during the Search engine optimization, of course, a distinction is made between different types.

Different Backlinks affect search engines to different degrees. If you choose us as your partner, we will of course know exactly what to do. We look forward to your order.

Quantitative backlink factors

Topics such as usability, content & Co. are becoming increasingly important for SEO, but still belong Backlinks still the most important factors of good search engine optimization. Here is mainly between quantitative and qualitative backlinks distinguished.

So either how often a page is referred to (quantitative), or of what value the backlinks are (qualitative). For the Backlink optimization a good interaction of the two factors is optimal.


The Pagespeed - that is Loading speed a website - has been gaining in importance in the area of search engine optimization for several years. Since the user-friendliness of websites has been influencing the ranking for a long time now and everyone knows that a long loading time can significantly influence the bounce rate, this area should not be underestimated.

To the Pagespeed to test and improve, there are some useful tools - including from Google itself - that come up with useful suggestions for improvement, including instructions, after the test.

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