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Our Advertising agency for Munich is in Germany busy with a variety of tasks, such as: design, creative design, web design and website marketing are among their tasks. SEO adviceTo improve the visibility of a customer 's products on the Internet is also one of the activities of Munich advertising agency.

The Munich advertising agency helps companies from Munich with the conception, the planning, the design, the Graphic design and the creation of advertising and communication media.

Our Advertising agency for Munich focuses on the areas Web design and Search engine optimization (SEO) and graphic design munich. All of this is part of the focus Corporate Design, the classic tasks of Design agency Munich. In addition to the classic consultants, specialists from the field of online marketing also work for the advertising agency in Munich.

The Munich advertising agency first creates a thorough analysis of the company to be advised. Then an exact concept for the graphic design of the customer is created. When the plans are implemented, the Design agency for Munich constantly paying attention to the current development of the market.

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Web design at the advertising agency in Munich

The Web design Munich is an important area of Advertising agency in Munich. The advertising agency Munich offers its customers to create an online shop, one SEO optimization to create a professional company website that Graphic design Munich to optimize or introduce a content management system. This involves various types of projects such as company websites, private websites or web shops that are run by Design agency Munich be performed.

To the Web design Munich include the areas of corporate design, style guides and responsive design. The customers are supported by the conception, the strategy and the creation of structure and content for their internet presence Design agency Munich professional advice. As Design agency Munich the agency has already made a name for itself.

To the Web design Munich belong to the classic Graphic design Munich, but also other areas such as interaction design (human-machine interfaces) or motion design (moving images). The designers use the basics of visual communication for this. A good graphic design can significantly promote the customer's interest in a company. Usability is also important for graphic design in Munich.

A new trend in web design is the animation on a website. The colors and the color rendering that a web designer uses are also important for a functional website. The single ones Customer requests should be optimally combined with the technical possibilities for website design. A good web design should make a positive contribution to the corporate identity of a company. The design agency Munich has specialized in this.


A good web design should make visitors to a website curious, exude seriousness, convey a lot of information, be tastefully and attractively designed and skillfully address the emotions of website visitors.

Web Design Awards in Munich

The prices for web design and Graphic design Munich vary from relatively low to very expensive. The Advertising agency for Munich strives to offer good value for money. The agency offers affordable digital services for its customers and partners. The prices of the Design agency Munich can range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros.

The prices also depend on the services the customers want: whether it is an individually designed WordPress page, a simple website with all common functions, or an adapted web shop with the special one Graphic design Munich.

Offers for Google AdWords or SEOSearch engine optimization can be found in the greater Munich area from 100 to 200 euros.

The Munich advertising agency offers services for the Munich area: search engine optimization (SEO) for Munich, hosting for Munich, e-commerce for Munich, graphic design Munich and e-mail marketing for Munich. However, there are also providers in Munich who offer professional website design for 30 to 70 euros. The Munich advertising agency can also serve every customer individual price offer create for his wishes.

Advertising agency with full service advantages

Web design Munich

The Munich advertising agency works as one Full service agency. Full-service agencies offer the broadest possible range of services for their customers. In addition to the tasks of a classic advertising agency also graphic design, consulting, photography, texts, web design, SEM or search engine optimization. This has several advantages for customers.

If an agency can deliver a wide range, this is generally very attractive for the customer and the individual areas within the agency can benefit from each other. The needs and wishes of the customer as a whole should be covered by the Munich design agency. An advertising agency also works with other professionals. These take on tasks in the area Online marketing, classic advertising and graphic design.

For one Full service agency it is easier to coordinate and cover multiple appointments. If you work with several small agencies, they have to coordinate their appointments with each other, and this may take longer.

A full service agency like that Creative agency Munich can use multiple channels for customer’s advertising communications. In this way, the content is coordinated in terms of content, design and concept, and the corporate design is optimized by the Munich design agency.


The Munich advertising agency also works as seo agency munich. Among other things, it is about a SEO advice Munich. Search engine optimization can automatically win many new customers. This includes the topics of SEO advice, website optimization as well Online marketing coaching.

With a good one SEO optimization the customer has the opportunity to be found as one of the first ads on a Google search and to include many important keywords in his abstracts. To do this, Google must understand the content of the texts on the customer's website correctly.

The content must be classified as relevant and valuable for the search query. There is also the SEA offer: The Creative agency Munich analyzes the customer's search terms and then places suitable advertisements with relevant content. In order to then turn the visitors of a website into buyers of the products, there are other tricks and techniques that can be used in an online optimization by the design agency Munich. This includes A / B testing, user research and special Usability-Techniques.

So you can Conversion rate relatively simple to multiply, and the website generates more clicks. Web programming is done by SEO agency Munich also offered, matching the selected design. This is where php, html, or javascript come into play. Online shops like Magento or content management systems like WordPress are of course also in demand.

The programming is done by SEO agency Munich done carefully and SEO friendly. Content marketing is another interesting point: This is about selling art without directly targeting advertising. The creative agency Munich uses unique texts, storytelling, infographics; Marketing Munich and the strategic dissemination of information.

search engine optimization-munich

By a good one SEO advice Munich can the customers of the Creative agency Munich brought to the first page of Google. So the sales can be increased a lot by the SEO agency Munich. This guarantees targeted online marketing. The SEO agency Munich offers in-depth keyword analysis or a complete website optimization.

Other areas are content creation, link building, technology and social media channels. Questions about online marketing or online marketing strategies are of course also answered. Older websites are optimized onpage or offpage SEO.

Costs for a search engine optimization for Munich


The cost of one SEO advice Munich are located in and around Munich in various areas. The Cost of the SEO agency Munich depend on which project it is about.

Should only be one Website SEO optimized or an entire online shop? Has search engine optimization been carried out for this project? How big is the project overall, ie how many pages should be optimized? Is it an onpage or an offpage optimization? These and some other questions must be answered by the customers of the Creative agency Munich be answered first.

In general, the hourly rates of agencies for SEO search engine optimization are between 75 and 350 euros per hour. If you want to get a qualified service, you should already calculate 90 to 100 euros per hour. At the beginning of the optimization for this work by the SEO agency Munich calculated up to 20 hours per week. The contract term is between 6 and 12 months.

Explanatory video - what is SEO?

Graphic design Munich

Graphic design for Munich is also an important focus of the Munich advertising agency. In Munich and the surrounding area there are numerous advertising agencies that help their customers to optimally present their company and their products through graphic design.

Graphic design Munich is about Corporate Design, Corporate identity or a new packaging design.

  • Logo design,
  • Design of flyers
  • brochures
  • Business Cards
  • stationery
  • Posters

is also one of the tasks of Munich advertising agency. In order to skillfully display graphics, the designers of the Creative agency Munich are familiar with color design, design conception and advertising strategies, typography and type design, the creation of layouts and drafts, the final drawing of drafts as well as production monitoring.

At the Graphic design Munich all content should be presented visually as convincingly as possible. However, the Munich advertising agency also wants the verbal and audiovisual communication of its customers for the Marketing Munich support. The art director or creative director develops the graphic concepts, and the graphic designer then directly implements the concepts that were developed for his customers.

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