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Are you an entrepreneur or a private individual and would like to have your own website? Let your own create individual website. For Web design in Herne you will find the right contact person for your request here! Through a professional approach, we can as Advertising agency for Herne guarantee our customers perfectly planned results and processes.

Our multi-faceted employees all take care of your project so that it becomes a successful one. This stands for us as Advertising agency for Herne im in a very high position, because what does a result bring if the customer doesn't like it? When it comes to implementation, we always go out of our way to design everything in such a way that it meets your requirements.

As Advertising agency for Herne we also offer you individual offers, you can contact us by phone or via our contact form. We look forward to your inquiry and hope that we can make your life easier with our work.

Web design in Herne

Nowadays there is a Internet presence increasingly important for emerging entrepreneurs. The Internet is the first point of contact for many people when it comes to getting information about a product, a person or a company.

Lars Humpert executive Director
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This is not only relevant in order to be found as quickly as possible, but for image reasons alone, an internet presence is essential today. How does a company look today if it has no or at least no sensible or bad looking one? website Has?

That is why it is important to always be professional. You can rely on real specialists in their field for your work. In this case we are your perfect contact for Web design Herne. We professionally take care of your wishes and requirements. We look after our customers over the entire period of the project and also look after them afterwards.

What does web design cost?

The Advertising agency for Herne stands for good consultation, the linchpin of the quality of our work. In addition to professional advice, a tailor-made layout is important in web design. Every look and eye catcher brings the customer to your company. Web design Herne brings together a balanced design and a targeted alignment of the elements. The details are from Graphic design Herne created for your customers and perfectly coordinated.



A precise calculation of the work steps requires meticulous preliminary planning and planning that Advertising agency Herne, Guaranteed to you. The technical expertise is ours until the best result Web design Herne Teams with professional know-how in demand. You reward with your performance, our performance, to give weight to every pixel. The selection of the graphic elements, the programming of the website functions and the layout largely determine customer behavior. Modern backend and frontend are guaranteed with our employees in effective teamwork.

The entire work is divided into different project steps. The cost breakdown is based on the amount of time spent by each individual employee, the expenditure for the external databases for image, sound & template, and the cost of our goods Advertising agency Herne. An exact calculation is made using an internal booking tool to record the work steps. The effort is measured based on the required user experience and related additions.

The correct placement on the web takes place via a prominent integration into the landscape of the internet. We integrate you into the digital world with the right profile, the right characteristics for a unique company. From far reaching Competitive analysis and advanced knowledge, we create an unmistakable image in efficient work packages. Regular maintenance of digital data is also important. With the maintenance and compliance with the relevant standards, running costs with your website are incurred.


Another important part to your success with your appearance on the World Wide Web is the Search engine optimization Herne. This process will too SEO called. SEO is about the SERPS, i.e. the hit pages for search results by keywords, in an Internet search engine such as Google, to be exchanged as high as possible.

This is for yours website very important, since over 99 percent of clicks for a search query are distributed to the first page of search results on Google. Accordingly, on the second page you hardly have any opportunities to be found by those interested in a reasonable framework.


For Search engine optimization for Herne, we are exactly the right contact for you or your company. It is very important that you put yourself in professional hands, since a lot of factors have to be taken into account when optimizing search engines for Herne.

It is no longer enough to just use the right keywords for a topic. At Web design Herne we know that as your contact person. It is also important that search engine optimization in Herne is no longer too general. With the big competition, it is far from enough to use keywords in a general category.

You have to go into great detail and specialize in specific search queries and therefore customers. We at Webdesign Herne take care of that very carefully. Taking all of these aspects into account, we strive to achieve the optimal result for you. Our experts bring a lot of knowledge and experience in this area.

Optimization costs

For the attention of your customers on search-relevant platforms, an optimization of your company presentation is necessary: SEO. Tailored texts, goal-oriented phrases and 100% executions of your offer lead the customer to your service.

So that the search engine crawlers your Range of services To find and classify, we use tailor-made texts with exact keywords, which we develop together. These preparation phases and the faithful implementation of your wishes and the technical-digital requirements are measured in terms of time. Every word too little, every word too much, exactly on the word, pays off for you and on our expertise. They reward us for your professional and functional appearance and our next service for you. We grow with her satisfaction.

Graphic design Herne

In an overall appearance of your company, print media as well as digital are important. The technical development makes a permanent availability of your service possible. With your digital presence, you can be reached anywhere and anytime on the Internet. Prioritize yourself to the present by optimizing your company's accessibility in the Internet in a contemporary manner.

Print complements your business reach well placed. Your digital sales channel is now your central communication. Advertising agency Herne gives you with Web design for Herne the prominent place in your digital future.

SAHU MEDIA® - your new partner!

So you have a company in Herne or the surrounding area and are you interested in representing your company to the outside world through a modern and professional website and making it easy for potential customers or interested parties to find?

Our SAHU MEDIA® team looks forward to advising you!

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