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Advertising agency Duisburg - with full service, do you want new customers on the spot or do you need a new website? Do you need impressive advertising material? Printed and digital media for your ideas and projects.

Our advertising agency offers comprehensive services (Full service) for the market communication of companies and organizations. On request, we may also be responsible as a general contractor for the delivery and service of third parties.

The range of services of our advertising agency ranges from Strategy development through the creation and planning of the production (media) to the constant advice to the success control with regard to the achievement of agreed communication goals.

We use teams of employees and / or a network of commercial subcontractors from different industries to Services to provide a wide variety of services.

Web design Duisburg

Do you want a website that fits your needs exactly? We create a page that represents your business professionally! Then it is Advertising agency Duisburg absolutely the right partner. With us you can expect tailor-made online appearances with creativity, passion and technical know-how. We do not offer standard solutions. Using various analyzes, we first develop an individual strategy, then the main part of a customer-oriented website.

From an individual harmonious web design with graphic and image processing to Search engine optimization about an authentic responsive web design - at the Advertising agency Duisburg you get all exclusive services from the professionals first hand. With our know-how we make your website fit for all devices.

We create your innovative design for the layout, offer you perfect shop solutions and a clear portal system and are guaranteed to advise you personally and competently. Benefit from our relevant experience in web design & Online marketing and book our packages according to your individual requirements!

Lars Humpert executive Director
SEO lovers and developers with passion ...

Strategic web development and graphic design Duisburg

A high quality and comfortable web design increases the number of visitors to your website. With your website you present yourself on the world market and generate potential customers. The Advertising agency Duisburg specializes in the creation of high quality websites. With first class digital advice, strategic web development and professional branding, we improve the usability of your website on all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and more.


full service duisbug

Video training by the advertising agency Duisburg

Practical work is an essential part of our Strategy of success and is at the forefront of our community training courses and internal seminars. We rely on our experience in daily communication with customers and web projects and show you using various examples. What sounds nice in theory is usually not possible in practice. We will provide you with the content and sample workshop files in this printed version after the event. We also offer many video tutorials and information brochures.

We are happy to adapt your new website to Corporate identity of the company and of course also consider the optimization of SEO content. We value an attractive graphic design of your responsively designed website, which is guaranteed to appeal to the desired target group. Responsive web design is always up to date - we not only look after you until you go online to a new homepage, we are also responsible for maintaining your website. Because even a website needs constant maintenance for SEO optimization. An important aspect is the worldwide security in communication as well as the necessary legal security of your location.

So that you can take care of your actual business without any worries, we support you as a web agency / advertising agency in the background. Regular and reliable.


Thanks to new technologies, customers are becoming more active in their relationships with brands and companies. Advertising agency Duisburg regards customers as users, not as passive media consumers. We create awareness and let the brand enter into a dialogue with the characteristic voice of the brand - purposefully, consistently, convincingly.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT - We combine classic and digital brand strategy and User analysisto determine the true brand potential. We then transfer knowledge to content, products, services and campaigns so that the user can have a positive and long-term experience.

Full service agency - advantages

Web design Duisburg

✔ Individual design
✔ Search engine optimized
✔ Adapted for mobile devices

Maintenance and administration

✔ All-round support
✔ 24/7 security monitoring
✔ Software updates

Marketing services

✔ Regional & International
✔ Incl. Advice & administration
✔ Google AdWords - Marketing

Individual design, layout and programming, adaptive optimization for desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, connection to social networks, search engine optimization, internet marketing.

Search engine optimization Duisburg

"The Internet is like a wave: either you learn to swim on it, or you sink."

Bill Gates

A qualitatively user-friendly and high quality web design increases the number of visitors to your website. With your website you present yourself worldwide and generate potential customers on the market. Advertising agency Duisburg specializes in the creation of high quality websites.

With first-class digital advice, more strategic Web development and professional branding, we perfect the usability of your website on all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and much more.

At the same time, we improve your business identity. In the Search engine optimization for Duisbug we support you sustainably with your homepage. Your website generates absolute economic added value and remains competitive.

Cost of a search engine optimization Duisburg

The Advertising agency Duisburg brings you to the top of Google with search engine optimization - First we filter search queries that are of interest to prospective customers who are interested in your product or service.

In search engine optimization Duisburg we evaluate analyzes and carry out user-defined ones Google AdWordsCampaigns for target customers. In the main business area, our team regularly adjusts the budget, search queries and ad text to reduce losses and increase conversion rates. The cost of that Search engine optimization Duisburg is available on request


Graphic design Duisburg

Branding for startups - LOGO AND IDENTICAL DESIGN by the Duisburg advertising agency - your logo is the visual identification of your brand. When designing, we put quality before quantity. The combination of your industry know-how and our experience in the field of design delivers an eternal and universal result. CLASSIC ADVERTISING FROM THE DUISBURG ADVERTISING AGENCY - As a creative agency, we deliver all printed matter and printed matter for your company: brochures, brochures, mailings, magazines, newspapers - full service from a single source. From targeted group content to design to production.

Advertising agency Duisburg ... because the advertising world is colorful

Do you need original flyers, yours Business Cards a new note? Maybe it could be something else, for example an oversized eye-catcher?

In our advertising agency receive innovative marketing products from A to Z. We would be happy to work with you to keep your company modern and adapt it to the target group.

With great attention to detail, I design for you:

  • Business Cards
  • Flyer
  • Car advertising / car films
  • Advertising plans
  • poster
  • character
  • Advertising window

Your complete Office equipment and more from the web design Duisburg.

graphic design duisburg book


Individual design for your entire corporate image with an accuracy of 100 % of pixels. Logo, business cards, stationery, brochures, folders, banners, advertising and much more ...


Our tone evokes emotions! Holistic advertising. From the strategy of the authentic appearance to the implementation of individual advertising measures.


Print with the highest print quality. Large assortment in different formats.

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