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The Advertising agency for Bochum designs and designs the entire spectrum from business cards to successful cross-media campaigns and combines classic with digital media. Next Web design and Graphic design includes the range of services of Advertising agency Bochum modern content strategies, online advertising, social media, advertising campaigns, radio, outdoor advertising, trade fair appearances and PR. The focus is on finding the most effective ways into the minds and hearts of the relevant target groups.

The Advertising agency Bochum moves on the floor of print processing and programming just as safely as in the sound and photo studio. Thanks to its versatility, the Bochum advertising agency works flexibly to always respond efficiently and promptly to individual customer requests. As Full service agency the Bochum advertising agency convinces with innovative concepts and promising strategies, because advertising, marketing and design are the terrain on which the Advertising agency for Bochum emotional. Looking for a reliable partner in the areas of corporate design, mailings, websites, apps and Co.

is the Advertising agency Bochum exactly the right address, because here ambitious experts design, design and implement everything under one roof. thanks most modern technologies and creative concepts can increase the awareness, sales and identity of a company. It doesn't matter whether services, products or beliefs are to be passed on to customers, employees or users:

The Advertising agency Bochum is the creative and reliable partner who delivers all means of marketing communication with his core competencies. The creative minds design clear responsive web design, SEO and CMS and ensure that the marketing strategies of the Bochum advertising agency are precisely tailored to the respective project.

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Web design Bochum

Web design for Bochum always works perfectly with the company, so that the campaigns are immediately understood by the desired target group or customers. Modern corporate design ensures a perfect appearance. The comprehensive services of Web Marketing Bochum range from conception and implementation to Hosting and the Maintenance of web projects, which are implemented in compliance with standards and barrier-free on different devices.

Thanks to well thought out, cross-platform SEO-, SEM-and Social media-Marketing strategies are products, services and brands from the Advertising agency Bochum brought directly to the customer:

Networked and Search engine optimized. Marketing Bochum always finds the optimal software solution in the area of web development - from the Internet, intranet and extranet to e-commerce and portals, cross-technology and process-oriented concepts are developed individually. The Bochum advertising agency is always available to advise and support customers and connects the analogue world with the digital cosmos.

What does web design cost?

The costs for the perfect website depend on the individual wishes, the effort and the services that are used. The Advertising agency in Bochum offers customers different payment models. For example, it is possible to bill the services of the Bochum advertising agency individually or to book bundled as a package.


SEO Bochum

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization and encompasses all measures that serve the goal of positioning websites in the front, coveted places in search engines. The SEO agency Bochum ensures optimized positioning and offers companies an important cornerstone of success through intelligent content strategies.

Who for his website SEO can attract customers and potential new customers and thus increase sales. With SEO, the Internet presence becomes the media-effective figurehead of companies, services and shops and helps to generate profits.

seo agency bochum

If you place your website in the back of the search engine results, you will only generate a small amount of revenue through your web presence. Thanks to modern Search engine optimization the Bochum advertising agency secures a place among the top results, thus solving traffic problems.

The Advertising agency Bochum adapts the measures specifically and individually to the needs and requirements of the site operators and helps customers and prospective customers to find the site faster in the future. In addition to the detailed analysis of the existing website, the Bochum advertising agency also determines the Keywordswith which the companies and / or service providers are found and / or want to be found via the major search engines.

SEO is suitable for companies of very different sizes - from medium-sized companies to regional service providers to institutions, internet shops and private providers. In addition to clear concepts and comprehensive services, the seo agency bochum offers individual support and is in the area of SEO optimization von Websites is a reliable and strong partner who advises customers comprehensively on web content, backlinks and technical SEO services.

The Content strategy is tailored specifically to individual needs. Thus, the perfect SEO solutions from the Bochum advertising agency are optimally adapted to any website, regardless of whether customers work independently or manage a large company.

Search engine optimization prices for Bochum

The price for SEO services depend on the range of services, outlay and the technology used. Customers at Advertising agency Bochum the possibility to choose from different billing models. In addition to the option of invoicing the services individually, there is also the option of invoicing the services as a package, for example. Which model is the best depends on the type of company, individual requirements and needs.

Success-based or classic search engine optimization

Whether flat-rate, by individual service or performance-based: Nowadays, a number of different ones Search engine optimization contract types offered to meet the respective business model. Each contract variant offers its individual advantages and is recommended for a specific form of cooperation. The monthly total flat rate as a typical billing model for a holistic SEO support means that a calculable, fixed monthly flat rate will be charged depending on the effort and the services required.

There is also the option of billing services individually. Since the
Search engine optimization is very complex and is characterized by a variety of services, such as Link building, Link profile cleanup, OnPage optimization, and the conception and creation of high-quality content, billing for individual services offers many customers advantages.

Is the SEO expertise Already anchored in the company and only the link structure is to be outsourced, employees lack the time to create content with added value for the website or you want to have an SEO expert at your side who supports you with comprehensive SEO know-how , then there is the possibility to book each of the SEO services individually.

The success-based search engine optimization is another model that can be advantageous for the customer in individual cases. With this type of billing, the success-based portion is taken into account, the individually desired search terms on the company's website can be found in the top 10 search results. The SEO agency does this in advance, with weekly evaluations allowing the customer to follow the development transparently and comfortably.

This Accounting model is tied to complete SEO support and a minimum term. Established companies that want to invoice based on performance benefit from this variant, whereby individual alternative KPIs can also be agreed upon as a measure of success.

How SEO works - explanatory video:


Graphic design Bochum

The success of a company or business is closely related to its external impact. For this reason, uniform and convincing visual communication is particularly important for every company and all industries. Modern graphic communication means make you stand out from the crowd. Graphic design Bochum knows how to make written and visual messages concise, easy to understand and eye-catching for the respective target group and to visually highlight the advantages of companies or services.

Graphic design Bochum develops the right one Corporate Design For companies. No matter whether it is about a new creation, modern changes or a relaunch. creative and experienced graphic experts support the customers professionally - from finding ideas to realizing and communicating the advertising presence. Customers can expect high quality standards in terms of design and implementation and will benefit in the long term from a clear, expressive Graphic design, of many years of experience, attractive prices and cooperation with quality printing companies.

graphic design bochum

Even if time is short and things have to go very quickly, the graphic design agency guarantees reliable and timely completion of the projects. In the print sector, the desired advertising messages are communicated efficiently and effectively: from the logo and corporate design to Web design and the equipment of companies and shops.

A suitable, appealing design that corresponds to individual ideas always has top priority. Graphic design for Bochum creates campaigns, flyers, brochures, posters, advertisements, radio and TV advertising as well as trade fair concepts. Thanks to the latest technologies, well-thought-out strategies and ambitious experts, graphic design gives small, medium-sized and large companies a distinctive face.

Powerful Corporate identity Strategies with a stringent corporate design ensure that the core messages are conveyed clearly: with efficient internal and external communication. Even when it comes to optimizing and generating performance, the specialists for web design, shops, CMS, content strategies, banner advertising, Adwords campaigns, social media and newsletters are graphically at the customer's side. With a lot of ambition, the graphic design agency plans, designs and develops good advertising for everyone.

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