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WordPress an all-rounder of its time!

For a long time, WordPress was only known as a blog system. These times are long gone, meanwhile WordPress has become the most popular CMS (Content Management System) worldwide. With WordPress web design websites of all kinds can be created and managed easily and quickly. In addition, WordPress can be used completely free of charge and adapted if necessary.

The advantages of a WordPress website

The biggest WordPress advantage is probably that user friendliness. Even laypeople can quickly familiarize themselves with the self-explanatory system and create and maintain websites. Most hosting providers can now have WordPress installed on the desired domain at the push of a button. Then you can immediately start filling the content.

A standard layout is available from the start, and countless others Website layouts, so-called themes, are partially available to the user free of charge. Here you can choose a suitable layout and use it.

There is a large selection available, suitable for companies from various industries, themes especially for bloggers, for photographers Portfolio want to post online or for magazine pages. Even for the realization of Online shops there are numerous pre-made themes and additional plug-ins that extend the functionality.

Overview of advantages:

  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • free of charge
  • continuous updates are provided
  • Constantly new plugins that guarantee the security of the website
  • constant development
  • Content and design separated
  • Compatible with all systems
  • Rights can be assigned to employees
  • extensive descriptions and instructions available online
  • numerous SEO plugins for optimal search engine optimization


Behind WordPress is a large developer community that works on the continuous improvement and expansion of the system. Updates are regularly made available that can be imported via the user interface at the push of a button. With a WordPress website you are always up to date with the latest technology.

The page adjustment on smartphone and tablet also works automatically with the corresponding themes, an important aspect for the ranking of the page on Google. Site operators have the opportunity for their WordPress website create multiple users to whom rights can be assigned. For example, after a short training, an employee can add content himself or create new posts.

Disadvantages of WordPress

There is probably no CMS without any shortcomings, too WordPress websites Not. Due to the popularity that WordPress has now achieved, the system has also become a target for attacks by hackers. However, the constant updates and security plug-ins definitely help here.

If you always keep your page up to date, you have little or no fear of such attacks. The Pre-made themes are mostly of limited use in the free version, In a paid version, there are far more editing and adaptation options available.

Companies that would like a completely individual website can have their own layout created by an agency, which can then also be created WordPress maintained can be.

WordPress popularity

Despite the few criticisms remains WordPress the most successful CMS worldwide, whose expandability is limitless. WordPress is also considered a future-proof solution for web projects among well-known companies.

Some examples of well-known companies that rely on WordPress: Zalando, Yahoo, Sony or Tchibo also use this great CMS.

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