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Not just the actual creation of a website is for you professional appearance essential, but also the regular care. For this reason, we are happy to offer such a service. Of course, it doesn't matter whether we created your website or someone else. If the latter is the case, we only need access data so that we have access and can make changes directly on the page.

This saves a lot of time and many other things can be optimized at the same time. While many are Website maintenance very complicated and unstructured, you can be sure with us that maintenance will be quick and your website will remain accessible to visitors. Should the customer still have any wishes in the further course, these should of course be fulfilled as soon as possible. All changes will be made as soon as possible.

What we care for

We take care of the maintenance of various contents on your website. This included pictures that we keep up to date. We have access to huge databases with high quality photos, which we use for your Internet presence use.

In any case, these are selected appropriately and even the file size is adjusted so that the Loading speed Your website can be maintained or even improved. Texts are expanded, renewed or rewritten by our in-house copywriter. These are two essential components of the Website maintenance and are included in almost every package.

Website maintenance or SEO?

Instead of one for a package from the field of Website maintenance, you can also contact us for professional search engine optimization decide. The advantage here is not only that the texts, images and the rest of the content are always up to date, but also that you appear higher up in the search engine results.

Of course, the costs increase a bit, but more time is invested by our employees. For one Search engine optimization individual plans are created. The first thing to be done is what the largest search engine in the world considers the most important.

In the long process of Search engine optimization other important ones will then be modified and added to further enhance the positive effect of the optimized content. If more information is needed, we are of course available and will be happy to help at any time.

Technical website maintenance

For us, not only maintaining the content is in the foreground, but also that technical functionality to obtain. Among other things, this means that the loading time is optimized and accessibility is guaranteed. The loading times play a very important role, especially in today's time, when visitors visit websites from mobile devices in particular.

Because if someone just doesn't have the best network, it would be annoying when this visitor jumps offjust because the page cannot be loaded. Such a loss can occur more often and you can miss out on high sales.

The accessibility is next to the Charging time is an important aspect in technical terms, because a website doesn't just exist, but can also be seen as a kind of own employee. In most cases, this provides all the necessary information that the visitor would like to receive and even direct contact is possible via this.

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