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In the web-based programming As with most other application programs, a distinction is made between the frontend and the backend. The first is the presentation and structure of a website. The visitor can use it to navigate and make entries. Processing takes place in the so-called backend. Here the data is checked for validity and used.

Among the most common representatives of frontend development are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is mainly used to create a layout. Without CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), however, this would not really be usable and attractive. Among other things, it defines the colors, sizes, positions, fonts and borders.

Because with complex Web applications As the files can grow accordingly, effective programming is essential. This not only noticeably reduces loading times, but also leads to a better ranking on Google. With JavaScript, the user can work more easily if it is used correctly and can significantly influence usability.

Visual design & PHP

It is mainly used for visual effects (e.g. animations) and the asynchronous loading of content (Ajax). In order to be able to work effectively with JavaScript, a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. The widespread use of these three script languages ensures very good browser support.

The heart of every website is the backend. In most cases PHP used. This is a server-side programming language. This means that inputs from visitors are forwarded to the web server and processed. That is also here greatest security risk.

While the visitor's data can be changed in the frontend using programs or the like, this is not easily possible in the backend. The transmitted data should therefore always be checked for validity. Very good knowledge of the detection of possible targets and how these can be prevented is extremely important.

Furthermore, PHP makes it possible dynamic websites to create. This can be of great importance, especially if the content is often changeable. Even if a static website is usually cheaper to program, the effort involved in a redesign can increase significantly. A concept should therefore always be in place before implementation, in which it is precisely clarified what, how and when is used.

WordPress plugin programming

Nearly 50,000 different plug-ins offer WordPress users a paradise of efficient text and image work on the Internet. The basically rather lean program can be upgraded to meet all individual needs. The plug-ins include tools for programming as well as ready-made gadgets that make text and image editing more motivating, faster and more professional.

WordPress is a small world that every blogger, every web designer and every computer scientist likes to use and expand as a free basic application. The php and mySql combination is known for its so-called “5-minute installation”. This makes it clear that the targets set in 2001 by Michel Valdrighi the developer of the WordPress program was probably “as uncomplicated and user-friendly as possible”.

The starting shot for the inevitable “flexibility and adaptability” on this basis was given in 2003 by the American web developer Matthew Charles Mullenweg. As the “Best open source content management system”, WordPress was then 2007 on the Open source CMS Award celebrated as a winner. Two years later also in the category “Overall Best Open Source CMS”.

The WordPress success story obviously never ends, which pleases many users, since the daily work with this program is hardly boring and never runs the risk of lapse into stagnation. But as simple as the installation of the plug-in may be - the individual user can hardly keep track of it.

Therefore, as with other developable programs, entrepreneurs who offer their services in the selection, installation and programming are recommended. If specific targets are verbalized, this can save the WordPress user a lot of tedious search work and avoid permanent installations. Since WordPress is mostly already being used commercially these days, this time saving often pays off in hard cash.

Since with WordPress it is possible to visualize almost everything that is desirable on text and image level, it would be a shame if "Internet visions" fizzle out without motivation and little cost-covering, just because the overview of this diverse and rich range of inexpensive options is not or only rarely available is.

So let yourself be advised by experts and save time and money and make your actual project as accessible as possible. You will see: With your individual WordPress tutorials, your website or blog will also leave a brilliant impression in the starry sky of the virtual Internet.

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