Especially in Web design it is particularly important for a companyto follow the current trends, because an optimal internet presence strengthens the brand and makes the company look sustainable. The trends that can belong to real boosters and burners in 2020 are already showing.

The trends of the past year

Contrast colors, asymmetrical shapes, human illustrations and unconventional color gradients were the focus in 2019. The Mobile First principle was the measure of all things. This means that web designers first orient themselves on smartphones and tablets and only then take the classic desktop view into account. Anyone who uses these trends, at least in part, conveys a modern appearance, which in particular makes young visitors stay longer on the website.

What's coming in 2020?

The year 2020 brings a lot of new trends, but the entrepreneur does not have to completely revise his web design, but can optimize the tried and tested again. It should not only focus on design trends.

Mobile first & loading times

The classic PC is becoming less and less important, while the cell phone has rapidly developed into a real web all-rounder. For this reason, companies should focus primarily on mobile devices when designing their website in order to give the user a better user experience. With the new mobile first indexing from Google, this is particularly important for search engine optimization.

Mobile First also has a major impact on loading times. Most Internet users want short loading times and a fast connection, on the other hand the artistic design of the websites is becoming more and more complex, the websites themselves are getting bigger. For the web designer, this means finding the optimal balance between fast loading times and an attractive design.

Videos remain a perennial favorite

Videos have been in vogue for several years, but in 2020 only websites with videos on the popularity scale of users will increase, because video messages can present content in a way that the target group can understand. Thanks to a video, personality can also be conveyed better than through texts or photos. They can also be advantageous in terms of SEO optimization.

Websites appear fresher and more lively if short, repetitive videos are used in the header instead of background images. The web designer should make sure that the small films do not look like spam and deter the user. Data protection and loading times should not be neglected either.

Soft UI

This trend is the absolute burner on platforms like Dribbble. But there are also some apps in Real Life that rely on Soft UI. What is the concept? It works with less contrast and the look is similar to a 3D rendering. Unfortunately, the choice of colors is limited. Although there are different shades for the shading of the elements, the main color of the elements corresponds to the background color, which means that the designs quickly become monotonous. In addition, the contrasts are so low that usability problems can arise. Nevertheless, Soft UI is one of the highlights of 2020 in terms of web design and we will encounter it a few times.

Serif fonts

Although some web designers have worked with serif fonts in recent years, more sans-serif fonts have been used because they actually look more modern. The trend towards sans-serif cuts, especially in the B2B area, showed a clear upward trend. Nevertheless, serif fonts are very popular, because when used optimally, they look really hip with both the signature and the body text.

Organic forms

In contrast to the years 2018 and 2019. as a web designer still relying on clear and geometric shapes, organic shapes are very trendy in 2020. The website should become a kind of oasis of wellbeing for the visitor, and this can be achieved with a playful design that sets cozy accents and generates for the user. In addition, spontaneously appearing forms provide more movement, so that the website does not appear static.


Micro-interactions are used to draw visitors' attention to the places the operator desires. The advantage over the large animations used up to now is the greater comprehensibility with regard to the intention, which ensures more transparency and greater usability. Furthermore, the professionalism of the website is significantly increased through the use of microinteractions.

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