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E-commerce: choose the right online shop system

Whether as a young startup that only wants to sell its product online, or as a seasoned dealer, one Online shop as an additional mainstay, E-commerce it is hard to imagine today's economy.

In 2016 sales in Germany exceeded for the first time the limit of 40 billion euros, in 2017 sales increased again. No wonder that many want to do their part in a steadily increasing market. This also applies to the manufacturers of the Shop systems per se.

Which shop system would you like?

Since hardly any other decision is more fundamental than that Selection of the shop system, you shouldn't take them lightly. If you later notice that you have used the wrong software, you are often not faced with the problem of having to start all over again with a new system.

For example, he also has a problem with the topic Search engine indexing. If the two systems use a different URL structure, Google & Co. will use redirects to notify the new URLs so that they do not slip in the ranking.

In addition to paid offers, there is also a large selection of open source offers such as Shopware, Prestashop, Shopify or the one with WordPress collaborating WooCommerce shop. Superficially, their range of functions may be the same, but whoever is Online shop If you want to match your needs as well as possible, you should take a closer look at the systems.

After you have first become clear about the special requirements of the new shop, for example in terms of payment methods, product presentations or marketing and SEO measures can be used to test the systems for possible solutions.

It is quite possible that the WooCommerce shop or Prestashop already offer the necessary plugin. And if not, the question is how easy it is to program and insert individual solutions.

Advantages of an online shop?

Have your own Shopware shop created?

In general, the question arises to what extent you have the necessary knowledge yourself Online shop to put on. The tends to be easier to configure WooCommerce shop is a story. Perhaps, on the other hand, you should have a more extensive Shopware Shop created, so get experts on board from the start.

A question that arises even if you don't have the right template for your own with the available templates Online shop finds. Especially when it comes to usability and the responsive design that is absolutely essential today, you quickly reach your limits when creating templates for Shopify, Presta Shop & Co.

About one Create Shopware Shop Leaving offers the additional advantage of finding additional know-how in online marketing or search engine optimization in the agencies. Professional marketing and SEO measures help the online shop to get off the starting blocks and ensures that potential customers find the shop and shop there.

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