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Many people are concerned with a music video that Video production or a film production and want to create a promotional video, but you can find out what you need to know in this article.

The video production has several steps that make a video look alive. There are a total of three steps: pre-production, production and the Post production.

Pre-production is about Planning phase of different strategies. To do this, a script must be created for the video. You have to know who you are for Promotional video wants to create and also use all the necessary means to make the video.

The first phase of video production takes the longest. Good planning can only produce a good video in the end. However, before you start planning, you need a goal that you can work towards. You should also ask yourself what audience you are with Video production wants to address.

In summary, each video needs a goal in order to successfully manage a project. The goals must show time-related, achievable, measurable, specific and relevant properties.

If you don't yet know what you want to address for an audience, then you should definitely start investigating. Keywords such as gender, age and interests are helpful here. You could Conduct interviews on video productionto get the right answers.

You need this knowledge to get a firm foundation for film production. One of the most important questions is which one Core message with video production you actually want to express. It is helpful to think about what the audience should think in the end. For example, does video production serve to ultimately sell a product or subscribe to any YouTube channel?

What things does the audience have to see in order to act accordingly? The video strategy is very important, so you have to think about logistics.

The video strategy always has to evolve if you want to achieve a positive ROI. After that, it would be good to have one Production briefing to write, which serves as a summary of the information. So everyone stays on the right track. The production briefing therefore contains the goals of the video, the target group, the budget, the core message and the deadline.

You should also write down exactly how you imagine your success. When you've gotten all of these things over, it goes to Concept consideration. The knowledge is taken from the briefing. You can search for sources of inspiration online. You should look at what the competition is doing and filter things out for yourself.

This is how the creative approach and creativity technique. This makes it easier for you to write a script, but after so much research it shouldn't be a problem anymore. You now have to plan which actors you want to use for the video and which emotions. The script must be tailored to each individual character. The language must be written easily.

Location and actions also flow into the script. A storyboard enables visualization. The visualization must be completely coordinated with the script. Here you can show how you imagine the individual scenes. This includes, for example, where the props should be, how the framing and the lighting should look. Let us now briefly consider the most important video variants or video methods that exist:

Explain video

Promotional video:

Promotional videos serve to convince other people of something. So one shows one here Service and productswhich are explained to the public and are intended to encourage buyers. It is a real film that explains the functions, special features and possibilities of a product.

You can do that Promotional video as an explanation see that shouldn't take more than 120 seconds. Promotional videos are a marketing tool.

Do you need an image film now?

Product videos:

These videos put a product in a good light. A specific target group is addressed, to whom the advantages of the product are presented and chase them Conversion rate up. Returns are reduced, new customers are increased and customer loyalty is strengthened.

Customers will receive the information within a very short time Product Information recommended and you get all the important things you need to understand the product. A good product video has the following characteristics:

  • The product is staged.
  • The added value of a product is shown.
  • The video is factual.
  • One follows a multisensory approach.
  • The shorter the video, the better.
  • The product is rotated where it is ultimately to be sold.

There are personal product videos, How-to videos and automated videos. Personal videos are about getting the benefits of a product explained to you by an authentic seller, while at How-to video the product itself comes to the fore.

Human actors are hardly noticed here. At automated videos it is about the fact that the product effort is very low and the product is presented by software.

Explanatory video

Explanatory videos are used to explain certain concepts and relationships. These are mostly produced by organizations or companies to present services and products on a low-threshold basis. Relevant points are shown efficiently. Simple tutorials in which activities are explained are sufficient. Music, pictures, texts and speakers are used.

whiteboard animation sahu

The contexts are chosen in such a way that the viewers can classify the topic in their everyday reality. The topic is therefore analyzed from the perspective of the respective target group. The language should be kept simple so that foreign words should not be used. Using one Storytellings You can also anchor the message emotionally, because personal stories are able to secure existing knowledge so that situations will be ready when the need arises.

The symbolism is kept simple. To do this Illustrations and essential relationships visualized. In summary, you have to take care to include examples in the video production, to show models with explained content, to present experiments, to use everyday language and to use formulas that can be adapted to the respective target group. Logo videos can be a nice addition.

We can also do threatening videos!

canvas advertising-sahumedia

Canvas advertising:

Canvas advertisements attract a lot of attention. In the cinema, people are in a good mood and distracted by nothing and nobody due to the darkness in the hall. You reach your target group in one emotional environment.

People there are more focused and receptive. Screen advertisements ensure a positive cinema experience. So you're talking about one commercial. Especially cinema spots are designed much better than TV spots. The audience's attention is higher due to the use of images and audio effects. Canvas advertisements are very popular because they touch people's hearts.

You achieve something that traditional media cannot otherwise achieve. This is how messages can be emotionally be transported.

You are one of the emost effective advertising media, because the advertising hits an undeflected target group. This way you can reach your customers regionally, locally and nationally. The audience is focused together.

You can do that Cinema advertising divide into two categories: digital advertising as well as print advertising. Print advertising means, for example, on cinema tickets, popcorn bags, doors, floors, vehicles, displays in the foyer and at the cash desks to record the advertising so that you can see it everywhere and at all times.

The digital cinema advertising is finally broadcast on the big screen. There are also projections in the foyer, as well as monitor advertising in the entrance area.

Are you ready for canvas advertising?

We now come to the next and thus second phase of video production.

In the second phase of video production, things really get going. You should make an estimate of how long the shoot will take. As a producer, you have to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

It would also be good to get a director to do this job because a director can guide the actors much better based on their work experience. The crew should ensure good lighting at all times. The Storyboard clarifies which camera setup you need yourself.

The most important thing in this process is to properly instruct the performers. You always have to keep your goals in mind and get the performance you expect from your actors. You have to make sure that the video is a good speed, style and dynamism owns. After that, you have to get a B-Roll material with which you can buy additional film material, which can adapt the topic of video production even better.

In the last phase, post production, the best recordings are selected, connected and cut to the desired length. So the video technology becomes visible. Finally, you can record voiceovers, correct colors, music, as well Special effects Add.

Editing the video production is to collect the best recordings and put them into one Video editing software to import. The scenes have to be cut so that they contain only the most important things. The next step is to incorporate the B-Roll material into the work.

Special effects ensure that the video never reaches the next level. You can adjust colors in Adobe Premiere Pro or you can hire a colorist to take care of this matter. Of course, this all depends on the budget.

video production-sahu-media

For a Voiceover someone has to be hired because speakers need to be instructed at all times what to do. When the voiceover has been recorded and edited, it must be inserted into the timeline of the editing software and also synchronized, as well as provided with the corresponding film material.

The colors should be kept as uniform as possible. Inserting music is the last essential element. Music does not have to run continuously, but background music is recommended in every view, as a room is filled with it, sound cuts are covered and the tension is maintained.

It would also be advisable to use different songs to accentuate the atmosphere. On the Internet you can watch stick music that is often used for video production. Here you can use your creativity technique.

now is the Video production done so that you can export it in the optimal format. Mp4 is particularly suitable for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. For Instagram you need a square or vertical aspect ratio.

To the Analyze video production to be able to track it on an analytics platform like Wistia to measure its success. This way you can also see whether you have achieved a positive or negative ROI.

If you are overwhelmed, it would make sense to get help from professionals if you are overwhelmed with producing, presenting, filming, directing and editing.


No matter what kind of film you want to make, the Film production always stays the same. All in all, good planning and organization in video production is important in order to really address your target group in the end, regardless of whether you want to express a service, a music video on YouTube or an emotion. The creativity technology and video technology have the highest priority.

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