Google has officially confirmed that the use of keywords in My Business entries could have had a positive effect on the rankings. There had been some ambiguities on the subject due to this question.

Has a positive ranking effect caused by keywords in Google My Business entries or not?

Due to various statements from Google, there has been some confusion and speculation about this topic in recent times. This happened because Google left the appropriate space for it in its official statements. Google had published a recommendation on the local rankings help page. According to this, target keywords should be used in descriptions in order to achieve possible ranking advantages with them.

However, this statement was not the only reason why questions arose around the topic. Following this official statement from Google, the following happened:

Google removed the passages related to the use of keywords from the said help page.
Google later confirmed via the official My Business account that there could have been a positive effect of rankings on the said My Business entries.
However, Google also wrote the following: There is no guarantee that the keywords will have such an effect.
There is also other information related to other companies that could play a role in this story. However, the information in question is still correct.

Accordingly, it was confirmed by Google that it could therefore be a sensible way to contribute to better results by using target keywords in My Business entries. However, this should only be done in a natural way. In addition, in these cases it should be ensured that when using such My Business entries, due to the lack of naturalness, no keyword stuffing is used when using corresponding keywords.

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