Google will change its ranking factors next year. This gives the user experience a higher priority. Various factors are combined in the so-called page experience. This also includes the Core Web Vitals.

For the rankings on the part of Google, the user experience of the web pages will play a much more important role than it has so far been given. Previously, there were ranking factors such as HTTPS, mobile friendliness and loading times. These and other different user experience factors are summarized in a timely manner under the collective term Page Experience, which have a decisive influence on the ranking. The change was planned by Google for 2021, as they themselves announce in a blog post.

In addition to Safe Browsing, HTTPS, mobile friendliness and the lack of interfaces, new components of the Page Experience will be some new Core Web Vitals.
Here is a list of the new elements of the Page Experience:

  • Core Web Vitals: Loading, interactivity and visual stability
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Safe browsing
  • No intrusive intersitials

The quality of the content should remain priority when it comes to the ranking, Google announces. This means that websites with good to very good content can still occupy one of the top positions, even if the user experience is worse than on the pages with poorer content quality.

The components of the page experience are checked by Google on an annual basis and adjusted if necessary. SEO Glenn Gabe learned in a direct conversation with Google that the evaluation of the page experience takes place at the page level. For example, it is also the case with HTTPS and mobile friendliness. However, it is currently still unclear how strong such a weighting is.

There is currently no urgent need for action and adjustment

The new ranking factor will not be used until the following year. Google previously informed about this six months before the start. Therefore there is currently no urgent need for action. However, it does no harm to look at the values of the Core Web Vitals beforehand and to test them for your own website. The key figures for a test are both in Lighthouse and as well in Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Search Console to disposal.

No more AMP needed for headlines

In connection with the ranking update, Google also announced that AMP will no longer be a prerequisite for a presentation in the headlines in mobile searches (top stories). In return, the Page Experience factors will play a role in this selection in the future. However, there will be no specific and predetermined minimum value for this.
Google had the AMP requirement for headlines for messages relating to the corona virus, withdrawn.

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