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An own, personalized server Owning on the Internet has many advantages. In order to use such a server, however, a great deal of specialist knowledge and, last but not least, the appropriate resources for such a task are required.

The servers have to be serviced at short intervals and optimized in various ways in order to close security gaps and thus to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. This is exactly where the so-called Managed server on.

What is a managed server?

At a Managed server are managed servers, the customers without information technology expertise help to set up a server on the Internet. You will be supported in all important matters relating to the server and will receive help with the design of the personal server at every conceivable point.

What are the primary advantages of managed servers?

The biggest advantage of this offer is the acceptance of everyone Maintenance and administrative tasks. The customer is guided through the setup of the server and can therefore enter without any prior knowledge. Because in Contrary to a root server or a dedicated server not only the specialist knowledge is put to the side by trained specialist staff.

The customer is also “supplied” with the necessary resources, such as the hardware, which makes the costs keep it within limits, as no personnel have to be paid or computers have to be bought. One can also speak of a great saving of time.

Here is a list of the Advantages of a managed server:

  • The customer needs no expertise / Personnel or resources for the server.
  • The created server is maintained and serviced all the time, this includes updates and the Closing any security gaps.
  • Since the Server looked after around the clock can be intervened immediately in the event of failures and serious consequences can thus be prevented.
  • The data is saved. This has the advantage that in the event of a malfunction or another emergency, the entire data is not lost and can therefore be restored.
  • Since the incoming and outgoing connections are monitored, so can statistical evaluations can be called up, whereby the customer can also be informed directly about the success of his server.

Which target group does Managed Server address or who is it suitable for?

Managed server are aimed primarily at people or companies that have large information technology projects such as extensive online shops or want to implement other projects that require the power of your own computer. But people or companies who want to outsource their own administration of a server are also well advised with this service.

This also has the beneficial side effectthat personal efficiency can be relocated and that you don't have to worry about your own Internet server.

Hence the Managed server a great way of server creation and management and a suitable one Alternative to a root server.

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