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Flyer, business cards and CO complete package

It is important for a company that it presents itself uniformly in its corporate identity and communicates in a certain way with its customers and the public. Therefore the appearance should then be uniform. That means that the company sign that Business card as well as the stationery and the website etc. must look uniform.

In this way, the customer immediately recognizes when the company sends him an offer in the form of e-mail or via the Internet, where and from whom the offer has come. As a result, the Outlook Briefpaper is then also according to the previously defined Corporate Design constructed and coded.

A well thought-out, uniform design line has the advantage that the same appearance creates a recognition value for the customer. The customer also feels that competence and professionalism are behind it. A complete package for all media, such as flyers, business cards, Company brochures, Letterheads as well as company signs and other media. This creates a uniform appearance.

Business Cards

With the help of a Business card to be remembered by the customers to whom it was handed over, this is the reason for many companies to use such a card. That is why the design of the business card is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition in the respective active industry.

Of the Exchange a business card is a must in business today and has proven itself well in communication with customers. Handing over a business card to a new business partner is nowadays a good thing. It is therefore important that such a card is designed so that the card is remembered by the business counterpart.

Business card unique

A Business card is only remembered by the viewer if it is unusual in terms of presentation and material. As an aid for this, a special die-cut, a corresponding embossing on the business cards, an extraordinary quality of paper or something similar can help that the other person perceives this conversation as extraordinary and also remembers it and comes back to it if necessary.

That's why it's one Business Cards order is particularly important for the production company, there to clearly formulate the challenges so that a unique business card can be created here, which the customers will remember due to its finishing and presentation.

Logo design

The focus of our company at SAHU MEDIA® is that we Design logosthat are long-term and with positive feelings in the memory of our customers. A logo is a company's stamp and ensures that a company has a recognition word. For this reason it is of particular importance to us To develop logosthat cause emotions.

The world-famous BMW logo represents a propeller rotating in the sky. The yellow and blue logo of Ikea and Edeka are not chosen arbitrarily either. Most people do not know this, however. They should arouse a feeling of familiarity and seriousness in the customer.

At the Draft a logo we make sure that the colors have the desired effect on your customers. SAHU MEDIA® has many years of experience to know which design is memorable and individual and fits your company perfectly. We attach great importance to continuous communication with you while we are busy creating the logo.

This means that we can be sure that we will record all your wishes and implement them correctly. At the end of this process you will have a logo that reflects your company's history

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