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That companies are increasingly concerned not only with individual components of the corporate image, but with an overall one Corporate Design Having it set up is nothing new. But what is it actually and what does it include? We try to explain the most important things to you and possibly even help you make a decision.

Companies often ask themselves what exactly needs to be done to ensure that the company has a larger number of customers or that all important information can be presented in an appealing manner. With an entire Corporate Design, you can't go wrong, even if it always means a one-time investment. However, this can quickly pay off again and help to refresh the external image of a company or even create it for the first time.

What is part of a corporate design?

We as Design agency know exactly what to do Corporate Design heard and what is important in such a. We have already helped many customers to stand out among many competitors in a modern and confident manner.

This includes precise planning of each individual element such as an adapted and individual logo, with its own house font high recognition value, the use of matching, suitable and high-quality images as well as a color concept, which includes the selection of certain colors.

These are the basic things we call Design agency have to meet. Of course, everything is clarified with every customer so that there are no inconsistencies. In most cases, advocates Corporate Design a whole team together, because this is the only way to guarantee that the best comes from every area.

If only one person takes over the entire task, it can quickly happen that many valuable ideas cannot even be considered because you do not communicate with others.

More about a corporate design

Of course there are not only the basic elements, all of which have a very high priority, but also banal things such as among others stamp or Stationery can be very important. Even if yourself Business Cards only have a very low material value, these can make a significant contribution to the fact that prospective customers contact you at all.

Who contacts a company if the phone number is on a business card that is not really appealing? Also Flyer can be very important, especially if the main target group of a company is made up of older people. For example, we hand over flyers to our partners in the printing sector, who produce them so high that even the younger generation can fall back on them.

What is corporate design?

Is social media really important for corporate design?

At the present time, in which several hours a day on the known Social media platforms How Instagram, Twitter and others are spent, an appearance in these also plays a very decisive role. Having a partner for the maintenance of your accounts can never hurt and is also part of a professional and carefully designed one Corporate Design.

Important information for customers can be published within a few seconds, personal images can strengthen the bond and questions and other inquiries can be answered easily by an employee. Since even the older generation is increasingly focusing on the use of the Internet and social media platforms, the creation of accounts on these is an important point in the creation and maintenance of the Corporate designs.

Web design as a further component

A very important part of the Corporate designs, represents a high-quality Internet presence today. This can be seen as an independent employee, which can be reached day and night. Establishing contact and obtaining important information are the main benefits of a website. Adapting this mobile is now a Are you looking for Web design, we stand as a wide range advertising agency also available.

Our team of specialized employees helps you to find a suitable design for you and to implement your website according to your ideas. We always rely on this latest technology and our knowledge, which is always expanded by working in this area.

For Web design In any case, we will create a non-binding price proposal for our customers, either separately or as part of the Corporate designs can be created. On our website you will find many references which we can use to guide you in our work.

Corporate identity as a further component of the overall picture

For the Corporate identity the company is largely responsible for itself or fetches in addition to one Design agency for the Corporate Design, other experts on board. They take care of employees who are in constant contact with customers, give them tips and suggest improvements. A corporate identity is the self-image of a company.

However, this is about differentiating yourself from other companies and building your own character. This is supposed to, just like a Corporate Design help differentiate yourself from other companies, specifically from competitors. The Corporate identity is important for good cohesion among the employees themselves, whereby satisfaction also plays an important role.

Graphic design

In order to present information clearly, you have to be creative and not just text for one Website or flyer use. Illustrations, Images and other graphic material can in some cases even be better than traditional text, although this should of course never be neglected. But even if the uniqueness of one of these materials can bring great benefits for illustration purposes, there has to be a balance.

At the Graphic design and layout of flyers, websites and other components of the Corporate designs, attention is always paid to balance, so that nothing looks too full and yet not too empty. In this area too, we are of course your point of contact and take care of your concerns, whatever happens as quickly as possible. Should any questions arise, we are available as a partner and personally take care of any ambiguities.

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