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Nowadays, you no longer have to use books to understand new facts. Most of the questions are answered online. A smartphone is often sufficient to connect to the content. The way to the library can be saved. Usually you are only a few clicks away from the answer. After entering the search terms, the explanation is found quickly.

You can also Declaration online call again at any time. Whereas previously texts had to be read for explanations, numerous explanations are now delivered in video format. With a Video can they Explanations are visualized and can be underlaid with an audio track. In this way, even complicated content is easy for the audience to understand. More and more companies are discovering the informative videos for themselves.

While in the past few years only the global players on the Videos with the explanations is that Explanatory video has meanwhile arrived in the marketing of medium-sized companies and repeatedly proves its success. Not only on websites, but also in email newsletters, the explanatory videos are increasingly popular and enjoy potential customers of great popularity.

The trend continues to expand. The video is one of the most important media of our time. Hardly any other medium is stronger than video, since a video can convey information on several channels at the same time.

What is an explanatory video?

At a Explanatory video it is usually a short film that effectively represents a matter. A Explanatory video usually takes up to three minutes. An explanatory video is about delivering the content concisely.

Also in a video special target group addressed. The videos are not only suitable for simple, but also for complex issues.

With the help of visualization, even difficult topics can be illustrated and made accessible to the viewer, which is why the explanatory videos are preferred for that Online marketing and especially for that Video marketing used.

What is storytelling?

Important for that Explanatory video is this Storytelling. An explanatory video must have a gripping plot to keep viewers' attention. Storytelling is guaranteed with the help of images, text and sound. Often there is no time for complex recordings. Many people are also camera shy.

If you are reluctant to stand in front of the camera, you can Animations be used. With an animation, only a soundtrack is required, which can also be created by the professionals. You can also opt for a non-verbal video. The story is transported in a non-verbal video with the pictures and subtitles. The explanatory video has a main character, who is called the protagonist and carries a significant part of the plot. The video doesn't have to be limited to one protagonist.

Explain video

Explanatory video SEO benefits?

The decision can also affect a group of people who carry out the action. Studies have shown that a well designed Explanatory video the length of time that interested visitors stay on a website and thus improves the ranking. Should your website appear high up, then are Video content very important nowadays.

Storytelling is essential. A gripping story is a loyalty to the audience and captivates the visitors so that they are happy to return to the page. It is often the story that determines success. The story is the common thread and provides that Framework of the explanatory video picture and sound are only the disguise.

A Indicator for the explanatory videos is a simple language. The complex content is presented logically using simple language. The explanatory video is usually subordinate to a benefit. Although it has to meet aesthetic requirements, the context of the video is paramount. For example, an explanatory video is used to present a product. Also one can Explanatory video as a modern instruction manual be used. Because hardly anyone likes to bother reading several pages of instructions. A video sums up the most important aspects and helps customers to understand the product better.

Process of an explanatory video production

A good explanatory video also wants to be produced. In order for production to be successful, it makes sense to hand over the work to a service provider who is familiar with the work steps and Experience in video production shows. A video is like a delicious dish. Because a good video requires a variety of good ingredients.

Before the production begins, the style of the later video should be considered. Common animations include a Whiteboard video or a comic video. Both styles have been in high demand in the past years and are still topical. With the help of animation, even complex facts can be illustrated well in an explanatory video.

The services also include the creation of the Animations for the explanatory video. If you have chosen a style, you can start with the concept. In the concept, the story of the video is worked out precisely. A first selection is made for the music and the audio content is dealt with. After that, the work begins, which in addition to creating the animation also includes the soundtrack.

If the explanatory video should be good, then one should professional service provider be trusted. In the case of a professional service, the wishes of the customer are rarely neglected and a suitable video is created for the company that sums up the content. Since the explanatory videos are mostly short, it is important not to digress, but to concentrate on the important aspects. These measures take professional filmmakers to heart and adapt the videos to the needs of their customers.

What does an explanatory video cost?

The prices vary widely. Since it is the Creation of an explanatory video is an individual service, the project is usually tailored to the wishes of the customer. Depending on the needs, various contents can be added to the service and the project can be supplemented with additional services. It is therefore difficult to give an exact price. Packages are rather unusual for the industry. There are also no upper limits.


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Since the explanatory videos are often marketing material, they are often given high prices. Although the Videos rarely last longer than a few minutes production is very time consuming. Inexpensive service providers from abroad can be found online. However to warn of low prices. Inexpensive videos are rarely adapted to the needs of the customer and the wishes of the target group.

You can therefore quickly miss their purpose. If you take the trouble to commission an explanatory video, you should not be satisfied with the first best solution. A good explainer videoo also requires extensive research. The production company not only has to deal with the company, but also with the target group. An attractive presentation is therefore only part of the explanatory video. Accordingly, the content should also be coordinated so that the result is a satisfactory result.

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