About a week ago I briefly addressed the topic of SEO. The words onpage and offpage optimization were also found in this article. Today I would like to go into more detail on onpage optimization.

Onpage SEO checklist


The following list shows important points that you should consider when doing on-page search engine optimization. The more you implement it well, the better your chances at Google and co.

  • content
    a) Unique content, i.e. writing texts and not copying them.
    b) Good legibility and reasonably perfect spelling (doesn't have to be perfect).
    c) Be sure to use at least 160-200 words, fewer in an article or on the homepage are bad! Google needs text to analyze it.
  • Keywords
    a) Try to fix yourself on your website on 1 - 2 keywords.
    b) Use this keyword several times in the text 3 - 4 %.
    c) You should use the fixed keywords in the meta tags, in the title and in the image alt texts etc.
  • Text structure
    a) Use h1-h6 headings.
    b) Focus keywords should be in thick ( / ) to be marked.
    c) Create lists with
      • or
        1. to get a good overview.
  • Meta tags
    a) Define meta title & description well, meaning meaningful. It is best to include the focus keyword.
    b) Meta keywords are no longer relevant, but it is not wrong to enter them
  • photos
    a) Images on the page should contain the keyword as the file name.
    b) Meta keywords are no longer relevant, but it is not wrong to enter them!
  • Subpage URLs
    a) Make sure that you use reasonable URLs, for example:

    https://sahu.media/kontakt sounds better like https://xxxx.media/?p=123

  • technology
    In a nutshell, pay attention to a good server when choosing the web hoster, try to optimize the loading time of your website, use eg Google Speed Test.

These are just a few points, but you can cover a large part of them and achieve a positive SEO effect. You could of course still work with rich snippets, integrate social media services in the source code and much more. Since the scope is too large, I recommend having a professional participate in a professional onpage optimization.

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