What is OffPage Optimization?

A distinction is made between on-page and off-page optimization. The Offpage optimization is the second major in SEO. OffPage optimization is about building the reputation of a website. As a rule, backlinks or external links are meant.

Content of the offpage optimization

This is about a good one Link building or the so-called Link building Recommended site. The more external links are placed on other websites, the higher the reputation of your own website. Backlinks are still essential for a good ranking of a website in the common search engines. The quality and number of backlinks on a page are an important ranking factor.

Each link is recognized differently by the search engines. It may be that a page with only a few, but high quality, strong links is listed higher than a page with a lot, but rather weak links.

Offpage optimization checklist

In addition to the pure backlink structure, there are of course a few more offpage measures

  • analysis
    You should first do the analysis before you actively build links. How many backlinks does my page have, what quality are the links and where do they come from?
  • Content
    Attractive and great content is the best prerequisite for link building. Blogs in particular therefore find it very easy to collect many backlinks.
  • Backlinks
    Backlinks are the most important offpage SEO factor. There is a very large number of backlink sources. The more different sources you use, the more natural it looks. You should get links from sites dealing with related topics.
  • domain
    One should reflect top level domains that end in .com, .de, .org or .net with the product, the service or service in the name! This is particularly important locally / regionally.
  • Social media
    One should be actively represented on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

If you only consider these five factors, you can definitely better tendrils to let. However, a website needs permanent maintenance and also time to be well ranked.

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