In September 2019, Google broadcast a Review Rich Results Update. From now on, Goolge no longer displayed rating stars in the search results if it was for local companies. But large trust providers such as trusted shops also suffer from this measure. You will also find a statement here, but we are still of the opinion that the trust factor with trusted shops remains!

Problem of fake review stars

A lot of companies have used the reviews in the past, thus creating more awareness in the search results. From Google's perspective, these companies acted selfishly and absolutely misleading. Any company that has a sufficient authority could easily add schema markups to its website.

Clear announcement

The announcement from Google caused quite a bit of confusion, so we would like to give a brief overview of which pages are affected - since these are absolutely only websites:

  • using the LocalBussiness / Organization and Aggregate Rating Markup or Review Markup scheme.
  • This applies to websites with a code, even if the ratings are visible.

Why is Google doing this?

Google just wants to limit fake reviews, as mentioned above, it is not completely resolved by this story, because you can handle everything with a product markup. Bing is currently not affected, but from experience it will follow here, usually after 6 months.

Impact of the CTR

The CTR, ie click through rate, will of course decrease due to this action and a traffic loss should also be planned. From experience, the traffic loss is only 5 to 6 %. However, it is mostly pages that do not generate any conversations, such as BlogPOsts, so that this has no impact on sales.

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