In advance we wish all customers, as well as their relatives, all the best in this difficult time and hope that things will get better soon. There is some information that we want to share with our customers:

The worst hits Coronavirus self-employed and small business owners. Many are afraid of a danger to their existence and wonder how it should go on now. The state is now providing several billion euros to help develop aid packages. There is guaranteed support for entrepreneurs in the form of a tax dismissal. KFW loans, guarantees and financing are offered as a bridging aid. Also Short-time work is made easier by saving without layoffs. You can apply for short-time work benefits if 10 percent of the workers have nothing to do. They receive a government grant. Short-time working means that employees will continue to be employed and at the same time save considerable wages. Working hours can even be reduced to zero hours. Around 60 percent of the salary is paid to employees without working.

What options do I have?

Tax payments are deferred and advance payments reduced. In addition, enforcement measures will initially be dispensed with. Late payments are waived and social contributions for lost working hours are to be reimbursed by the state. It is important to contact the responsible tax authorities in good time. Small businesses can now call the hotline 030 / 18615-1515 report to find out more about loans. Many state funding institutes are now providing guarantees.

The Federal Employment Agency pays some benefits. The self-employed should apply for unemployment insurance. It is important that no part-time work is carried out. The self-employed also receive basic security. If the income is insufficient to live, you have the right to claim unemployment benefit II or Hartz IV.

Because a number of events have been banned, artists and freelancers in particular suffer from the corona virus. They should definitely check whether they are entitled to a default fee. Artists should also find out whether income tax or corporate tax can be suspended. The cultural authorities of the respective federal states are available to the artists at any time by telephone and can be given detailed advice.

Self-employed people who have children can breathe deeply, because most of the time Emergency care offered by schools and day care centers. Children should not be supervised by their grandparents during this vulnerable time to avoid the risk of infection.

What happens if an employee gets Corona?

Employers must continue to pay full wages for their Corona employees. In any case, the person must remain in quarantine due to the high risk of infection. If the person can no longer work, the state pays the compensation costs. Healthy employees must show up for work despite fear, otherwise there will be consequences under labor law.

If became an employer of Corona himself, you mustn't come to work. Sickness benefit is only available from the 43rd day of incapacity to work. If you can work from the PC, nothing changes, because you are still able to make a living. Loss of earnings is covered by the state. It is based on the last annual income.


In summary, we want to reassure all customers and thereby draw attention to the fact that nobody stays at their expense. It is important to make yourself smart during this time and not to hang your head. We ourselves have also sent our employees to the home office and are available for you as usual Monday - Friday

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